Detroit Cross Border Business Investment Summit 2018

April 19th 2018, the Detroit Chinese Business Association together with the Minority Business Development Agency/Department of Commerce San Jose hosted a full-day conference at the NextEnergy Center in Midtown Detroit.

The conference emphasized the collaborative investment opportunity between U.S. and China smart car and auto tech exchange industries. Our keynote speaker, Kyle Ellicott, founder and chief labs officer of Readwrite Labs and ReWrite in San Francisco, along with Scott Williams, executive governor of the Invest USA China Committee; Chen Hailin, general assistant manager of Shanghai International Automobile City Group; Zhu Weiqiang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang County; Matthew Gibb, chairman of NEXT Education; and Qiang Hong, senior research scientist at the Center of Automotive Research and many more others attended the conference.

This full-day conference was featured by two delegations. Morning session was focused on Tongxiang, which is the geographic hub of the three main areas: Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Afternoon session was focused on Shanghai International Auto City (SIAC), which located in the Jiading district of Shanghai.

Zhu, Weiqiang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang County was given the first welcoming speech in the Morning session. He gave an introduction to Tongxiang, which is a pioneer of China’s Internal Economy Development place. He also emphasized that Tongxiang seized the opportunity from the revolutionary of new energy automobile to develop auto techs and parts industry. Now, SIAC has more than 60 auto parts enterprises invest more than 100 billion yuan (15 billions USD) to the automobile projects.

Next, Jim Saber, the CEO of Next Energy Center gave a welcome speech. A series of different topics related investment of auto tech talk were followed after the speech. The guests took the lunch time opportunity to take a break and network while enjoying the buffet-style food which served by Fuji Buffet.

Chen Hailin, general assistant manager of Shanghai International Automobile City Group, highlighted that Shanghai International Automobile City (SIAC) now has a complete automotive industry chain and become the largest industrial automotive chain in China. Moreover, last year, SIAC organized the most innovative “China Intelligent World Alliance Automotive Conference”, and they successfully become a member of the International 5GAA Alliance. In addition, Raymond Au Yeong, the Director of MBDA Business Center, San Jose gave another speech before the Afternoon session began.

Same with Morning session, a series of different topics related to automobile talks were followed by the welcoming speech. A MOU Signing was held between SIAC group with Detroit Regional Chamber and Center for Automotive Research. A panel discussion was organized and led by invited speakers, Matthew Gibb, Claudia Rast, Scott Williams, and Kyle Elliott. Together, they discussed how to promote the coordinated development of transport, IT, new energy and cultural network.

At the end of the day, delightful wine and dinner were served. The guests took this last opportunity to make new business contacts.