DCBA’s Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

The Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner was held at the Henry Ford Museum on the evening of March 10. Hundreds of industry leaders from all walks of life: overseas Chinese leaders, representatives of academia, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, Chinese Consul General of Chicago Mr. Hong Lei, the Chamber of Commerce, our sponsors, and honored friends, gathered together in the motor city to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

At 5 o’clock in the evening, a large number of guests dressed in costumes arrived at the venue. Before the dinner started, we were invited to the VIP section with Governor Snyder and Consul General in Chicago Mr. Hong Lei for a small cocktail party.

The New Year celebration dinner officially kicked off at 7 o’clock with CBS’ Carol Cain and 2014 Michigan International Elite Juvenile winner, Miss Rose Wong co-chairing the event. They welcomed in the distinguished guests to the Detroit Chinese Business Association’s annual grand New Year celebration. Miss Wong introduced us to the “Year of the Dog” and the origins of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Brian Gao, president of Detroit Chinese Business Association, was the first welcoming speech. The president reviewed the achievements made in 2017 with the support of the community to play its dual role as a bridge of communication and development between China and the US economy. He emphatically thanked the Chamber of Commerce for giving long-term support of our sponsors, members, and friends, as well as Michigan and Chicago, the main Chinese consulates.

Since taking office, Governor Snyder, has revived Detroit from the death-throws of bankruptcy. The United States has no other place like this in Michigan to make bold changes. In order to promote investment and economic development in Michigan, expand cooperation, and create jobs, Governor Snyder led a delegation to China introducing Michigan and its opportunities. Under his leadership, Michigan not only has had such transformation and growth but also, has attracted hundreds of Chinese-invested enterprises.

In order to express the outstanding contribution of Governor Snyder, we have given the governor issued a “Outstanding Contribution” award, in recognition of his achievements. To this end, Mr. Luo Guanhong, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Advisory Board, was unable to attend but sent special congratulations over video, and specially commissioned KSS. Mr. Ron Feldeisen senior vice president and president with high awards for governor.

Chinese Consul General in Chicago, Mr. Hong Lei, was the first to congratulate the guests on a happy New Year. In his speech, he thanked Governor Snyder for his contribution to economic exchanges made between China and the US and also affirmed the Detroit Chinese Business Association in China and the US economy, especially one bridging the economic development of China and Michigan. While Hong Lei Consul General also announced a message: The Chinese government will host China imported Exhibition in Shanghai, China in September 2018 5-8, US plans to invite all walks of life there and are willing to sell their products to Chinese enterprises to go to the exhibition, Expanding Chinese market.

Chamber of Commerce development is inseparable from the support of the community, we have been adhering to contribute to the community of early heart. This year we are highly respected members of the Chamber of Commerce Incodel Michigan Company has donated $5,000 to the United Way, one of the nation’s largest charitable fund organizations. Mr. Brad Siommans, representative from Ford UNITED WAY, accepted the donation; he thanked the company and also praised Incodel Michigan and the Detroit Chinese Chamber of Commerce of the United States for the charity philanthropy and contribution.

The Chamber of Commerce sponsors and members have made a long-term unremitting efforts and contributions to Sino-US economic development. They are not only among automotive OEMs and parts suppliers, but also from financial, legal, insurance and other services to different industries. To show them thanks for their support, we invited everyone for pictures, leave a beautiful memorial for our cooperation every year.

As the evening progresses, lively festive atmosphere increase, fine cuisine and wines are also on the end table. Meanwhile Rose invited chief curator from the museum and Ford, senior director of historical resources Mr. Marc Greuther to give us a few pieces of the museum’s greatest treasures, Mr. Ford’s collection of precious violins, and invited Chinese violinist Sunmi Chang to play to all the guests. As the greatest treasures of the violin are usually not on display in the museum today, ladies and gentlemen, not only to witness his true capacity, but also on-site to listen to it playing a euphemism sweet music.

This year is the Detroit Chinese Business Association’s 23rd year anniversary, the original group of young people saw the difference between China and the outside world. Today we have invited back some of our predecessors and former president of the Chamber of Commerce to the scene to share with us the story of the growth and joy. They not only witnessed the development of the Chamber of Commerce, but also witnessed the development of Sino-US economic and trade relations. Mr. Liu Liang, founding president of the  Chamber of Commerce, is now the president of China Qoros, will fly from Shanghai, China to attend our New Year celebrations.

Chamber of Commerce is also inseparable from the development of long-term involvement and support of our volunteers, students from more than a dozen universities in several nearby states are actively involved in the development of the Chamber of Commerce. Today we also commended a number of long-term investments for the Chamber of Commerce of volunteers, Ethan Li, Forest Gan, and Summer Xia. We hope to have more volunteers to join us for the development of trade and friendship between China and the United States.

Our Chamber of Commerce board of directors and key members, because of various reasons, live and work constantly to replace the old with the new. Cathy Cui worked for five years for the development of the obligations of the Chamber of Commerce, we express our sincere gratitude for her 5-year effort and commitment! In order for the Chamber of Commerce to do better, we need more young people to join our ranks. The friendship between China and United States has been passed down.

Although the lights fade, colors become even more charming. Delightful wine and a nice day make smiles last forever. Time flies, it is almost the end of the dinner party. Our guests take advantage of this event to catch up with old friend and make new ones. Wish we could build more and better connections in the upcoming year, bringing everyone more opportunities. May everyone have a happy Year of the Dog! WOOF!