Molding maintenance Engineer

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Molding maintenance Engineer




South Carolina, USA


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Injection Manager



  • 主要负责维护/修理/更换模具。同时为解决所有与注塑模具相关的问题提供技术支持。
  • Conduct all the molds, direct technicians and operators to maintain/ repair/ change the molding in necessary. The role also takes charge to solve all the molding related issues.

Job Responsibilities

1、  根据通知,完成试模准备事项;

2、  负责模具保养、维修、清洁;

3、  报告模具异常并填写相应表格;

4、  模具维护后组织模具验收检查和测试;

5、  解决模具生产过程中出现的问题,与模具供应商和外部资源合作进行模具维修和维护;

6、  根据5s管理标准,以安全的方式工作;

7、  完成上级指派的其他任务。


1、  Completing preparation for mold testing according to notice

2、  Responsible for mold maintenance, repairing and cleaning;

3、  reporting molds abnormalities and filling out corresponding forms;

4、  Organize mold acceptance inspection and testing after mold maintenance

5、  Solving problems during mold production, cooperating with mold suppliers and external resources to do mold repairing and maintenance;

6、  Work in a safe manner according to 5s management standards

7、  Finish other tasks assigned by superiors.

任职资格Qualifications 1、  大专及以上学历,注塑或机械相关专业;

2、  熟练操作电脑及CAD等专业软件;

3、  3年以上模具设计及维修工作经验,有汽车行业工作经验者优先;

4、  熟悉模具设计和模具流程方面的专业知识、机械设计原理,产品质量标准,注塑生产工艺;

5、  具备模具安装、拆卸、维护等技能。

6、  具有良好的团队合作精神;

7、  具有良好解决问题的能力;

8、  英语和普通话流利;

9、  接受全球轮岗,如美国/中国/墨西哥。


1、  Associates degree or above, molding or mechanical relevant majors;

2、  Proficient in operating computer and professional molding software like CAD;

3、  3+ years working experience in molding design and maintenance, experience in auto industry is preferred。

4、  Expertise knowledge of mold design and mold flow, principles of mechanical designing, product quality standards, injection production process;

5、  With skills of molding installation, disassembling and maintenance;

6、  Team player;

7、  Good problem solving skills in relation to function and responsibilities;

8、  Must be fluent in English and Mandarin;

9、  Able to accept global job rotation (USA / Mexico / China).

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