Deputy Quality Manager

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Deputy Quality Manager




South Carolina, USA


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Quality Manager




Assistant with identifying, analyzing and developing improvements in productivity, quality, client relationships, and customer service (internal and external). Ensure the safety and continuous improvement of employees, quality processes and other related areas.


Job responsibilities

1、      协助维护和制定质量流程、质量计划、纠正措施和持续改进计划;

2、      明确质量控制规则,保证质量控制的有效性;

3、      通过现场审核,过程审核及质量控制,对供应商进行质量监督,降低供应商质量风险;

4、      协助组织及配合开展质量体系审核、及时识别可能出现的质量问题,并提出质量改进计划;

5、      协助质量成本控制,制订部门财务需求计划,推进质量成本改进;

6、      协助组织员工制定个人工作及培训计划,促进质量团队能力提升;

7、      完成上级交办的其他工作。


1、      Assistant with maintain and develop quality process, quality plan, corrective actions and continuous improvement program to ensure Company quality;

2、      Define clear quality control rule and guarantee the Quality Control effectiveness;

3、      Conduct quality supervision on suppliers through on-site audit, process audit and quality control to reduce the quality risk from the supply network;

4、      Assistant with organizing and cooperate to carry out quality system audit, identify possible quality problems and propose quality improvement plans in time;

5、      Assistant with quality cost control, formulate departmental financial demand plans, and promote quality cost improvement;

6、Assistant with organizing employees to develop individual work and training plans to promote the ability of quality teams;

7、Finish other tasks assigned by superiors.





1、  本科及以上学历;

2、  5年以上宝马一级供应商工作经验(外饰件经验优先),至少8年相关管理经验;

3、  必须有塑料、注塑及汽车相关工作经验;

4、  熟悉宝马质量问题解决流程;

5、  熟悉IATF 16949汽车标准;

6、  熟悉汽车核心工具基础知识(SPC、MSA、FMEA、控制计划、8D);

7、  ISO 9001或IATF 16949内审员, FMEA协调员优先考虑;

8、  个性成熟,具有较强的领导能力和沟通协调能力;

9、  具备以客户为中心的沟通技巧;

10、        英语和普通话流利;

11、        接受全球轮岗,如美国/中国/墨西哥。


1、  Bachelor’s degree or above or equivalent experience;

2、  5 years on BMW tier one supplier (exterior part experiences priority), at least 8 years’ related management experiences;

3、  Plastics, Injection Molding and Automotive experience is needed;

4、  Familiar with BMW quality issue solving process;

5、  Profound knowledge of IATF 16949 automotive standard;

6、  Basic knowledge of automotive core tools (SPC, MSA, FMEA, control plan, 8D);

7、  Assets: Internal Auditor ISO 9001 or IATF 16949, FMEA moderator;

8、  Customer-oriented communication skills;

9、  Mature personality with strong leadership and effective communication skills;

10、        Must be fluent in English and Mandarin;

11、        Accept job rotation in different country such as US / China / Mexico.


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