Deputy Injection Manager

Minghua Global

岗位名称Position 注塑副经理

Deputy Injection Manager




South Carolina, USA


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Injection Manager



·         组织、监督、管理注塑部门各项工作,确保生产的所有零件的质量以及所有员工的安全。

·         Organize, supervise and manage all aspects of the injection molding department   Ensure the quality of all parts produced as well as the safety of all employees.


Job responsibilities

1、  分析和解决生产过程中出现的相关技术和质量问题,确保生产的持续运行;

2、  新产品SOP和SIP的建立,现有SOP和SIP的验证和更新;

3、  编制注塑部门的各项工作指导书,完善注塑部门的日常管理;

4、  理解并加强对工装/工艺/质量问题的内部和外部技术支持;

5、  通过与工程部合作,开发和实施模具自动化,提高部门效率;

6、  与销售部合作,确保及时满足客户需求;

7、  参加日常生产会议,并根据会议重点分配工作任务;

8、  通过提高首次产量和减少材料浪费来提升部门的盈利能力;

9、  负责部门员工的评审、持续培训和交叉培训;

10、        制定所有注塑机及辅助设备的预防性维修计划;

11、        参与供应商开发、测评和评估;

12、        完成上级分配的其他任务。


1、Analysis and solve the related technical and quality problems during the manufacture process, to ensure continuous operation;

2、Establish SOP and SIP for new products, verify and update existing SOP and SIP;

3、Establish all the working instructions of the molding department, and improve the daily management of the molding department;

4、Internal and External technical support for tooling/process/quality issues;

5、Improve department efficiency by working with Engineering to develop and implement molding automation;

6、Work with the Sales Department to ensure all customer needs are met on a timely basis;

7、Attend the daily production meeting and assign work based on the priorities outlined in the meeting;

8、Manage department profitability by improving first time yield and reducing material waste;

9、Prepare and conduct all Molding department employee reviews. Train and cross-train employees on an ongoing basis;

10、Maintain the preventative maintenance schedule for all Molding machines and auxiliary equipment;

11、Participate in supplier development, assessment and evaluation;

12、All other duties as assigned.




1、  本科及以上学历,机械工程或模具相关专业;

2、  5年以上零部件注塑管理经验,熟悉模具设计及注塑工艺,了解模具结构知识;

3、  具备良好的管理和沟通能力;

4、  具备注塑工艺分析能力,能够发现注塑件模具缺陷,并带领跨职能团队发现问题;

5、  具备分析注塑件开模计算的能力,并具备识别和实现降低成本的技能;

6、  供应商开发、测评和评估知识;

7、  英语和普通话流利;

8、  接受全球轮岗,如美国/中国/墨西哥。

1、  B.S Degree or above, field of study related in Mechanical Engineering or Mold;

2、  5+ injection molding management experience in auto parts, be familiar with mold designing and injection process, knowledge of mold structure;

3、  Good management skill and communication skill;

4、  Competence to analysis an injection molding process, to reveal mold imperfection of an injection mold component and to lead a cross-functional team in the problem-finding process;

5、  Competence to analysis open calculations of injection molding plastic parts and thus following the skill to identify and realize cost reduction potentials;

6、  Knowledge of supplier development, assessment and evaluation;

7、  Must be fluent in English and Mandarin;

8、  Accept job rotation in different country such as US / China / Mexico.

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