Why Join DCBA

Benefits and Services:

  • Trade shows focused on the promotion of Chinese-American business exchange
  • Trade missions between US and China
  • High-level business seminars and conferences, such as "China Forum", which focus on governmental policy, industry trends and market analysis
  • Customized training on automotive industry trends and strategies, the best business practices, technology advancements, etc.
  • Business partner matchmaking to identify potential partners, buyers or suppliers, etc.
  • Email promotion through our monthly newsletter, "DCBA ONLINE", which reaches over 1200 members in U.S. and China
  • Website advertisement on www.dcba.com to promote exceptional organizations and their services in US-China business
  • Publishing Chinese companies' joint ventures and investment projects via DCBA's website and newsletter
  • "DCBA Celebrity Interview" articles on www.dcba.com for recognition of outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the advancement of US-China business
  • "Ask the Experts" articles on www.dcba.com for a dialog on various topics like financial loans, business law, accounting, intellectual property, etc.
  • Annual DCBA Golf Outing
  • Awards and special recognition for outstanding corporations and individuals conducting US-China business
  • Assisting DCBA members in promotion of special events and conferences in the US or China
  • Translation service for meetings, business documents, catalogs, letters, promotion materials, etc.
  • Culture and language assistance for visiting business delegations
  • Travel coordination service for Chinese and American executives and government officials: including meeting arrangements, plant visits, etc. Business itineraries are provided by local travel agents.